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sj against humanity

insp. x

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Super Junior [The 7th Album]

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Super Junior 7jib [Mamacita] 3rd Teasers

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Oh my god

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Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

Thank you for shining your light into our hearts.

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poor Hyuk xD

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So I was writing a small paper in Microsoft Word and the program suddenly crashed (I saved a couple minutes before, thank god) and I get this message in the corner of my screen two seconds afterward


what the fuck

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry and Hagrid deleted sceneHD

Harry Potter Astrology: Libra


Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and governs the kidneys, lower back, and buttocks. Positive traits include a rational, logical mind, a fine sense of aesthetics, diplomatic aplomb, good taste, charm, skill with words, intelligence, an innate sense of fairness and justice, and exceptional beauty. Negative characteristics include indecisiveness, excessive dependence on other people, conformist tendencies, manic depression, extravagance, and manipulation.


Gryffindor Libras will be a little bit more circumspect than other members of their House; the Gryffindor tendency to act first and think second will be moderated by the Libra tendency to weigh all options carefully before making a decision. Emphasized to an extreme will be the Gryffindor obsession with justice. Libras are the natural judges, lawyers, and police of the Zodiac, often more concerned with what is fair and just for all than what is merciful for the few. Expect a Gryffindor born under this sign to be an outspoken defender of underdogs, and to stand up for their beliefs more vociferously than the average Libra (Libras are usually too polite to say something that might risk offending other people). All Libras have the potential to become Aurors, because of the strong drive for justice, but the Gryffindor courage makes people of this sun sign who were sorted into this House more likely to become Aurors than people of other signs and Houses.

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